Barbican Arts Group Trust


My work is a form of constructed 3D relief collage made from mounted photographic material on paper that forms gentle curves when cut. I use the chance element inherent in the photographic process to contrast the geometry of pattern
This process takes the image out of the expected sphere of the flat photograph and gives the 2D image a 3D form, enhanced by repetition and rhythm a patchwork is formed. This method is a development of the pigment and paper abstract constructions I made in the 90’s. The challenge when using  cut pieces of photograph is to make a coherent whole out of bits of fragmented image and to reconstruct them so they work abstractly as pattern as well as making coherent reference to the figurative content.
The work depicts the polarities of dark and light and the mysteries inherent in the process of looking. There is reference made to the passing of time through each moment that is recorded. In the ‘layered ‘ pieces  the images becomes analogous of strata in rocks and reflects levels  and depths of feeling within the self as well as the geometry of underlying patterns found in nature and in all systems of measurement at the micro and sub atomic level.
The reconstructed image contains both more and less of the original subject, giving the photographic material a new reality as well as addressing the universal nature of pattern.

August 2010

Acanthus I, 2010
50 x 50cm - paper and photo construction


Deep fathomless sea - Jonet harley-Peters