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Gabriella Sancisi

I make photographic portraits of groups of people linked by a work or leisure activity.  This project began when I was a student and photographed fellow students posing as classical sculptures.  My next series was portraits of stonemasons covered in marble dust, a project which is ongoing as stonemasonry is my family business.  Several other series followed – butchers, aerobics participants, Carmelite friars, lap dancers, rugby players, sumo wrestlers - all photographed at their place of activity.  I became interested in the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit and started to investigate these concerns through some public art commissions.  My work is a combination of documentary and staged photography.  My subjects are ‘authentic’ people carrying out a common activity but the portraits are posed, and the subjects removed from their activity for the purpose of being photographed, and it is the gap between the pose and a glimpse of.  I have a history of creating my own portraiture projects of different groups of people as they become important to me as well as creating projects for specific commissions.   I have exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and Asia including a solo show at Viewpoint Gallery in 1996.  As well as the commissions and exhibitions, I have carried out some editorial work for Time Out magazine and written exhibition reviews for 'Untitled' magazine.  I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1992 with a first class degree and gained my masters with distinction at Westminster University in 1996.



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